If you don’t listen to much classical music, but would like your children to do so, here are some suggestions that should catch the fancy of most children and novices.  A free way to listen to this music is to go to www.pandora.com and create play lists using the titles below or search www.youtube.com for performances. 

Cedille records showcases Chicago artists and offers a free download of the week at cedillerecords.org/catalog/index.php

You can subscribe to services such as www.naxos.com for $20/year to listen to almost everything.  The following list is just a bare beginning…. You can probably find a decent version of all of this on YouTube.  www.Pandora.com is another possibility for discovering these composers and other wonderful discoveries.

Johann Sebastian Bach
          Brandenburg Concertos
          Violin Concertos in A minor & E major
          Double Violin Concerto in D minor
          Solo Sonatas & Partitas
Pietro Locatelli
          Violin Concerto #2
Antonio Vivaldi
Violin Concerti, including “The Four Seasons”
          Double Violin Concerto in A minor
Joseph Haydn
          String quartets
          Violin Concertos
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
          Violin Concertos 2 – 5
          Symphonies, especially numbers 35 – 41
          String Quartets
          Piano Concerti
          Sinfonia Concertante for Violin & Viola
Sonatas for violin & piano
          Piano sonatas
Ludwig van Beethoven
          String Quartets
          Violin concerto
          String quartets
          Sonatas for violin & piano
          Piano sonatas
Franz Schubert
          Piano Trios
          Symphony #8 “Unfinished”
          Symphony #5
 Felix Mendelssohn
          Violin Concerto in E minor
          Italian Symphony
          Scottish Symphony
Niccolo Paganini
Johannes Brahms
          Violin Concerto
          Symphonies (1 – 4)
          Violin Sonatas
          Piano Trios
Max Bruch
          Violin Concerto #1 in G minor
Peter Illych Tchaikowsky
          Violin Concerto
          Symphonies 4 – 6
Antonin Dvorak 
          Symphony #9 (From the New World)
Gustav Mahler
          Symphonies #1, 2 , 4 & 5
Fritz Kreisler
          Everything – he excelled in violin miniatures.  You will find his music on
          nearly every artists’ “Encores” album.
Jean Sibelius
          Violin Concerto 
Igor Stravinsky
          Firebird Suite
          Rite of Spring
Bela Bartok
          Concerto for Orchestra
Sergei Prokofiev
          Violin Concertos
          Classical Symphony
          Symphony #5
          Piano Concerti, esp. #1 & #3
Samuel Barber   
          Violin Concerto
          Adagio for Strings from String Quartet, op. 11

Other Genres (try using www.pandora.com to explore these):
*Note there are many genres including: Bluegrass, Blues, Old Time Fiddling, Cajun
Fiddling, Jazz,  Irish Fiddling, Western Swing, Scottish Fiddling, Rock, etc.  Some artists
play many of these different styles and are hard to classify.

Essential Jazz & Blues Violin discography www.jazzfiddlewizard.com/discography.htm
Stephane Grapelli – jazz violin
Regina Carter -jazz violin
Turtle Island String Quartet -jazz
Mark O’Connor -bluegrass/jazz violinist
Todd Mark Rubenstein -string quartet tributes to: Coldplay, Weezer, Led Zepplin,
Radiohead, ect.
Mark Wood -rock string music using electric instruments, is part of the Trans Siberian
Apocalyptica-cello quartet which plays instrumental versions of Metallica’s music
Edgar Meyer- bass player who plays all kinds of genres
Rashad Eggleston-cello fiddle player plays in the band Crooked Still and many others
Liz Carroll-Irish Fiddler
Bruce Molsky-old time fiddler
Darol Anger- Jazz violinist
Nuttin But Stringz- Hip hop/rap string artists
Natalie Haas-cello fiddler (often plays with Mark O’Connor)

Nell H Playing Peek-A-Boo Waltz

ASA March 18, 2012

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